Today in the city Highland Lake 22.06.2018

Games Like 'God of War' Are More Important Than Ever In The 'Fortnite' Era

Games-as-service like 'Fortnite' are what every publisher wants to make right now, but 'God of War' was the best kind of break for me.

Strange wolf-like animal killed in Montana puzzles wildlife officials

A large wolf-like animal shot and killed in Montana has wildlife officials and social media wondering what it was, ABCFoxMontana reports.

Which FANG Stocks Look Best For A Summer Rally?

The FANG stocks were hit hard in March as several headlines proclaimed that the FANG trade was dead. A look at the weekly charts of each stock gives one a different perspective and identifies which ar...

The Wall Street bankers who feast during recessions say there's a 'smell in the air' and it's starting to feel like 2007 (MC, HLI, GHL)

The global economy is growing and corporate defaults are low and projected to drop even further. Yet the Wall Street investment bankers who feast during recessions are optimistic about their business,...

Judge Wants State, US EPA to Take Lead on Lake Erie Algae

A federal judge overseeing a lawsuit in Ohio says he wants state and federal regulators to take serious steps to find and implement solutions to Lake Erie's persistent algae problem instead of leaving...

Facebook Finally Unveiled Its Plan to Make the Next Election Less Awful Than the Last One

The 2018 election is less than six months away, and on Thursday Facebook shared its full plan to fumigate the troll infestation that afflicted it last time. Since Donald Trump won the 2016 race, we’ve...

25 celebrities who look even better with a beard

John Krasinski may have first become a father back in February 2014, but it wasn't until we spotted his beard in "A Quiet Place" that we thought, "wow, what a daddy." Like all of the guys on this list...

Why Do Companies Like Google And Facebook Offer Free Food?

Why do software companies like Google and Facebook provide free food? This question was originally answered on Quora by John L. Miller.

PS4 Pro Has Made Me Less Eager For PlayStation 5

The PS4 Pro has made an imminent PS5 feel somewhat more unnecessary than usual, thanks to games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

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